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this is the only page on this dubanci website, that is translated to English. Dubanci – in English it means Acorn Elves – are funny figures from Czech Republic. Most fans mainly want to buy acorn elves products – postcards, calendars, T-shirts, cups … here’s a link to my zazzle e-shop:

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I also started publishing Acorn Elves photos with some funny texts in English on social sites facebook and instagramso you can visit it, write me some comments and share to your friends.

On Acorn Elves, or how it all started

When we moved with the kids to a small house next to the forest, we brought home from every autumnal walk lots of small chestnuts and other natural products. We tried to make animals from them, but sticking a skewer through them was really hard and our creations fell apart soon. Another year we were inspired by creation at nursery school and tested out the hot glue gun. It came out better for us, but we ran out of little chestnuts pretty quickly. However, our garden offered us lots of acorns, nuts and twigs, and so the first acorn elves were born.

Over time, I have improved the figures and their photography. Last year, I then started to share them on social networks, where they had great success. Photos of the toilet acorn elf probably flew around the entire internet world. I tried to make a wall calendar from the photographs and it was a quite successful achievement. After the end of the season, I was not able to say goodbye to these little creatures and I continued to produce them the entire winter and spring (luckily the kids had collected a large supply of material in the autumn). And so, the entertainment for kids became an entertainment for dad.

After several months, the album of acorn elves had scores of original and funny photographs and I was sad to just leave them to disappear in the on-line world. After the success of the calendar, I created in cooperation with the small company pohledy.cz twenty postcards with acorn elf motifs, I am still working on more. Shirts for kids followed and acorn elf Memory game, with which you can even play Old Acorn (Maid).

If you would like for acorn elves to entertain you all year long, I have prepared for you once again a paper wall calendar for actual year. In the same way, I would recommend you follow the acorn elf Facebook pagebulletin board on Pinterest or their Instagram profile, where I constantly publish new photographs.

Autor dubánků - Petr Václavek

Where to buy acorn elf’s products?

Right now my czech e-shop Flatika is selling only within Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Austria. But because of high interest from foreign, I setup an eshop on Zazzle called Dubanci, which deliver worldwide. There you can buy calendars (they are slightly different from the Czech version), puzzles, T-shirts, postcards and much more products – if there is missing something (any product, motive, or if you want puzzle with different image), don’t hesitate and contact me, I can add it quickly.

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Other interesting information about Dubanci in English and Deutsch

Acorn elves e-card generator

If you want to send some nice e-card to your friend or family, you can use my free acorn elves e-card generator, there are several themes you can use – now mainly for Christmas and Valentine, but soon I will add more for birthday, love, childbirth etc… Just write your own message and download or send via email the final image: